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How to generate large diameters with low-perfomance machines

New at H.Bilz: indexable XBMX-inserts

The sintered insert for our Powerbore (KSB)


With our sintered indexable inserts (XBMX) you can drill in low alloyed as well as high alloyed steel with low cutting forces. This opportunity comes from the combination of high cut speed, moderate feedrate as well as the new chip breakers. The chip breakers also lead to short chips.
The Sintered-XBMX inserts can be fitted without any remodeling to your KSB cutting head from ø58.

currently available inserts:

  • XBMX090404FR7P9
  • XBMX100404FR7P9
  • XBMX120404FR7P9
  • XBMX150404FR7P9



The customer had a poorly performing machine. When processing high-alloy steel, the machine was repeatedly switched off due to the excessive forces. The machining time was also 20 min / bore at ø 90.5 mm. By using our XBMX inserts, the cutting forces could be significantly reduced. Thanks to the optimal coordination of our application technician on site, the machining time was also reduced to 5 minutes per hole.


With our new sintered indexable inserts, we can also enable our customers with low-performance machines to process large diameters reliably.

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