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Back counterboring

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Back counterboring

Reverse boring bar RBS-Micro RBSM

  • For countersinking from M3 up to M6
  • Countersinking will be possible up to  1.9×D




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Reverse boring bar RBU

  • new RBU replaces the old RBS+ more information here
  • For spotfacing, chamfering and deep counterboring of areas with difficult access
  • RBS+ is very stable and rigid with surface treatment and FEM-optimized geometry
  • Internal coolant for RFS and RBS+ starting from d=18
  • Wide choice of different PCD-, carbide- and HSS indexable inserts
  • The new RBU offers a much higher stability due to the optimized cutting edge position
  • For requests of specials

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Reverse counterbore system TU

  • Manually operated reverse machining
  • Universally applicable on all machine types
  • Flat bayonet for quick and reliable manual tool changes
  • Large cutting width (up to 2.5 D)
  • Multiple regrinds are possible
  • Several diameter combinations of counterbores and holders
  • The same basic holder (TUHW) plus adjusted guide sleeves (TUB) can cover several guidance diameters


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Autofacer AFA

  • customized special design according to your needs
  • Easy and safe activation by inertia of flywheel when fast reversing the spindle rotation
  • Automatic (forward and) backward spotfacing, counterboring, chamfering
  • Big cutting width (up to 2.2×D, from D1 = 12.5)
  • Applicable on all machines with fast accelerating spindle



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Reverse chamfering bar RFS

  • For defined chamfering of bore outlets
  • The high material strength and the large cross-section of the body allow considerably higher cutting data than other manufacturing processes


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Unimill FUN

  • The universal chamfertool for double-sided deburring of through holes from Ø 3.3 mm on
  • High wear resistance through X-CEED coating
  • High toughness due to micro-grain carbide
  • For dry and wet machining
  • Machining time for 4 chamfers reduced by 80 % to 5 sec!

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