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RBU - our new standard series

Reverse boring bar RBS-Ultra

The new back counterbore generation RBS-Ultra offers a much higher stability compared to the previous RBS + version. The cutting force acts now in the direction of the largest neck cross section due to the optimized insert position. The result is that the cutting edge deviates less during machining. Furthermore we will have a significantly better dimensional stability and surface quality. In numerous particularly critical applications with extreme overhang lengths, large diameter differences and oblique countersinks, this version, previously known as RBS ++, has already ensured safe machining. The automatical RBS-Ultra can be used in many critical cases and will replace some manual back counterbores. The use of expensive heavy metal to increase the bending stiffness of back counterbore may not be necessary in some cases.

This new generation of tools is now available as the "new" standard series RBS-Ultra for back counterboring from diameters 15 to 50 mm. With optimized geometry, precision machined from high strength tool steel and surface treated, the RBS-Ultra range is far more powerful and durable than similar tools from other manufacturers


Back counterbores RBU are available immediately and are the new standard series from 1. May. In addition to the cutting edge position, the shaft diameter, the shaft design (partially reinforced) and the lengths have changed by some dimensions. The usable lengths remains unchanged. By d=50 we replaced the insert size 12 by size 9. Otherwise, the previous inserts can still be used. The internal coolant supply from diameter 18, is new, so that now all tools, except d=15, ensure safe cooling of the inserts. You will find suitable MC..-indexable inserts in various carbide-, HSS– und PCD-types further on as well as in our back counterbore catalog.