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Variety and diversity

You will get fast help in any kind of drilling. Wide rage - fast reaction

Drilling into solid

Carbide drill

  • EXPRESSSERVICE BILZ-Rapid are possible in 2-3 weeks
  • Flexible solution
  • Drilling withour pre-centering
  • easy regrindable cutting geometry

Technical dataBilz-Rapid Selector

Drilling with inserts

  • Self-centering by means of core cutter
  • High toughness in the centre
  • High feed rate due to maximum overlap of inserts
  • Close drilling tolerances
  • up to ø 160 mm in our Standard range

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  • HSS for tough materials till 800N/mm²
  • Common sizes on stock
  • Possible up to ø 85 mm
  • Universal field of applications

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Reboring with inserts

  • Possible for ø 10 mm and larger
  • Individual solutions are possible with standard as well as with special Tools

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Modular Tools

  • Using with Bilz-cone-shanks you can combine different possibilities of counterbores, holders and pilot pins
  • for the use of our reverse counterboring system, a bajonet connection is the ideal solution: Plug - twist - work

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  • Carbide-tipped for brittle and hard materials till 800N/mm²
  • Regular sizes on stock
  • In Bilz-Combination deployable

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Precision boring

Precision boring with carbide

  • We offer you individual solutions to work on pre-machined bores - step tools are also available

technical data

Precision boring with inserts

  • Adjustable inserts
  • For tight bore tolerances
  • Possibilities up to ø 200 mm

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